Insect Warfare

Insect Warfare is one of the craziest grindcore bands I've ever heard!  Hailing from Houston, Texas, this trio plays faster, harder and much more unrelenting than most acts out today.  They formed back in 2004 and toured the globe like madmen until their demise in 2008.  Their sound is full of constant blasts of insanity with incredibly tight transitions between the chaos and brief slower parts.  The drummer is a complete maniac on his kit with some of the fastest skills I've ever heard.  The guitar has a perfect crunchy, deep distortion to it which makes the band sound loud and full.  Vocals are especially harsh complete with low-gurgling growls and high-pitched screeches.  This band completely owns!  No doubt one of the best bands to exist in extreme music.  Below is everything the band released...I think.  Snag everything!  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Magrudergrind, Pig Destroyer, Maruta & Discordance Axis

Self-Titled LP [Single-Sided] (2009)

Flagitious Idiosyncrasy In The Dilapidation Split 7" (2008)
(Insect Warfare Tracks Only)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed Split 5" (2008)
(Insect Warfare Tracks Only)

The Kill Split Cassette (2008)
(Insect Warfare Track Only)

This Comp. Kills Fascists Vol. I 2xLP (2008)
(Insect Warfare Track Only)

Grind Bastards II Comp. CD (2008)
(Insect Warfare Track Only)

World Extermination LP (2007)

Carcass Grinder Split 7" (2007)
(Insect Warfare Tracks Only)

Evolved Into Obliteration CDep (2007)

Trapped In A Scene Comp. LP (2007) (Insect Warfare Tracks 

Bolt Stein Split 7" (2006)
(Insect Warfare Tracks Only)

Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution : Collection CD (2004-2006)

(The Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution : Collection CD contains all of the material from the Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution 7", At War With Grindcore 7", Hatred Surge Split 7", Gulf Coast Infestation Demo CD-R, a track from the Gulf Coast Massacre Comp. LP & a couple bonus tracks.)


Arah kiri - Rumikot

Arah kiri - Rumikot

Virgina On Duty - Curse

Virgina On Duty - Curse
Hear : Here Read : Here


ZOO “Trilogi Peradaban”

ZOO “Trilogi Peradaban”


Proletar split Analdicktion

Mincing Indonesian Grindcore meets Singaporean Goregrind Violence! Fans of intense old-school politically-fueled Grindcore and disgusting hipster-hating groove-blasting Goregrind will be minced, grinded, and churned to gore! A must have for both Grindcore and Goregrind enthusiasts! Coming soon on 7" vinyl.

Proletar Split Analdicktion
Hear : Here

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